The "Shopfloor Data Collection" Specific Enabler is a collection of modules i.e. Fitman Tag &Trace (FitmanT&T) and Fitman Sensor Networks (FitmanSN) which can be deployed and used independently; for data acquisition from the shop floor making use of smart objects, in the scope of Internet of Things-oriented Manufacturing Ecosystems. This Specific Enabler is targeted for the Smart Factory domain but will be useful for other domains too, where collection of almost real-time data is an important aspect. This Specific enabler is based on open source projects like Fosstrak and GSN and it is provided as independent binaries to be deployed and used independently along with source code if required. The Shop floor Data Collection is dedicated for the collection of data from the shop floor acting as a middleware between the data producers in the shop floor and the data consumers, which are external services or applications.