vf-OS Process Enabler Designer


vf-OS Process Enabler Designer is the process modeller used to create vApps backend operations


Installation instructions

  • Clone this repository
  • Ensure you're using latest node and npm versions
  • Run 'npm install'

Development server

Run npm run start and a browser will open automatically.

Run npm run hmr if you want to use Hot Module Replacement during development HMR

The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Code scaffolding

Run ng generate component component-name to generate a new component. You can also use ng generate directive|pipe|service|class|guard|interface|enum|module.


Run npm run build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -prod flag for a production build.

Running unit tests

Run npm run test to execute the unit tests via Karma.

Running end-to-end tests

Run npm run e2e to execute the end-to-end tests via Protractor.


Tutorials: click here