The vf-OS Relational Data Storage is basically a component that offers a REST API to a relational DBMS. The API has been developed in vf-OS project. The DBMS is postgresql.

The technical manual describing in detail the API can be found here

The REST API allow users to manage relational assets (databases, tables, views, indexes, rows, constraints...)

PostgreSQL was selected as the basis RDBMS

An existing REST API tool that covered all the requirements detected was not found but the three most likely candidates were: • Dreamfactory: Main Limitation: It does not allow the creation of views nor indexes • PostREST: Main Limitation: It needs to start from a previously defined database schema. Thus, it does not allow to create dynamic schemas, tables etc • restSQL: Main Limitation: It allows only basic querying

Thus, it was decided to create a generic REST API for PostgreSQL from scratch.

The development tools selected were: • Swagger-OpenAPI: For API definition and documentation • Swagger codegen: For API skeleton code definition • Java: As the development language • Springboot: As the development framework • JDBC: As database access library • C3P0: As connection pool.