The Document-Oriented storage componente is a service designed to store, retrieve, and manage semistructured data. A typical use case of this kind of databases is storing XML or log files

The technical manual describing in detail the API can be found here

The service is a REST API which allows users to manage document-oriented assets (databases, collections, documents, indexes, files, schemas...)

MongoDB was selected as the basis DBMS

The result of the search for an existing REST API tool that covered all the define requirements was that there were two candidate tools:

Finally, RESTHeart was selected, mainly because it is written in java. The main characteristics of RESTHeart are:

  • Fast & light
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Architecture and full support for MongoDB replica sets and shards
  • Open Source AGPL.

With the component these actions can be perfored.

  • Databases: Create, update, catalog, get, delete
  • Collections: Create, update, catalog, get, delete
  • Documents: Create, update, patch, catalog, get, delete, query
  • File buckets: Create, update, get, delete
  • Files in buckets: Create, get properties, get file, query, delete
  • Schema stores: Create, update, catalog, get, delete
  • Create a collection applying a schema
  • Create documents in collections with a schema.

The tested versions are MongoDB 3.6 and RESTHeart 3.4.2.