The main functionality of Dynamic Content Manager Enabler is to provide an easy and user-friendly GUI to the enterprises to manage their documents.

The case of a change in the structure of the enterprise implies a reorganization in the structure of the documents that are linked to this structure. So this electronic document manager is going to be automatic and synchronized with this possible change in the structure of the enterprise.

This DCME is a simple and a generic solution for enterprises, with its ease to integrate with other business solutions and useful for any type of enterprise, with any structure, working in any field. It uses a specific file containing the structure of the enterprise, which controls the structure and the layout of the system automatically.

It provides the most important functionalities that an enterprise needs from such a system which are: Create and delete users’ documents and its metadata, the update of the data, documents and the structure of the enterprise and then the display of all these documents and information in a pleasant interfaces.

This DCME minimizes the effort of the administrator by its automatic and synchronized system. The reliability and safety of the system is ensured by a backup system. A proposed security layer guarantee the authorization and authentication for the users.