The vf-OS Enablers cover the specific needs of the project both in terms of requirements and pilots’ needs. These enablers are characterised by specific developments oriented to different types of use, either to be integrated in other enablers and thus to fulfil the pilots and project needs as a whole.

  • Notification Enabler: The main functionality of vf-OS Notification Enabler is to provide vApps or other vf-OS components an easy to use notification system.
  • Configuration Enabler: Configuration Enabler harmonises the way developers generate their enabler’s configuration.
  • Quality Performance Evaluator Enabler: The main functionality of vf-OS Quality Performance Evaluator Enabler is to evaluate the performance of other Enablers and vApps.
  • Smart Reporting Enabler: Easy reporting tool that can be embedded into web applications.
  • Dynamic Content Management Enabler: vf-OS Dynamic Content Management Enabler (DCME) is a web-based and integrated platform for document management for industry