The "Supply Chain & Business Ecosystem Apps" Specific Enabler (SCApp) is a web-based application for exploiting ecosystem Tangible and Intangible Assets in relation with application in Collaborative Capacity Scheduling and Team Building. This assets work in strict cooperating with the"Collaborative Asset Management" Specific Enabler (CAM), a web-based, integrated platform for the management of Virtualized Assets in the scope of service-oriented Manufacturing Ecosystems. The collaboration among supply chain or business ecosystem partners is a key aspect in order to exploit the potentialities of Virtual Factories. Every time there is a business opportunities a company should decide to manage it alone or to exploit the network partners. To collaborate is anyhow necessary to have information about which partner has the ability to do a task and the availability of resources to accomplish it. Only if the right information about partners are managed is possible, for a Virtual Factory, to quickly and easily involve other subjects in the process.