The " Data Interoperability Platform Services" Specific Enabler (DIPS) is a web-based platform for the management of Data Interoperability services in the sope of the exploitation of the interoperability service. Targeted at the Virtual Factory domain, and based on open standards like WSMO and WSMX, it is delivered as a web platform in order to maximize its collaborative nature. The interoperability is a key factor for the success in collaboration. Typically, interoperability problems are related to the exchange of information among different companies in a supply chain or in other forms of aggregaration like Business Ecosystems. Applicability can be find as well in information exchange between different parts of the same company or, even, in communication between individuals. At the time companies solves interoperability probles they create a value item that is subsiquently used into collaborative business processes in order to execute data interoperability. A typical example of that is the creation of a transformation for a specific business document (eg: an invoice) from one standard (eg: UBL) to/from a private fromat.