The Enablers Framework (EF) is a component of the European vf-OS Project (an Open Virtual Factories Operating System). It is part of the work package 3 (WP3), under tasks T3.1-T3.3.

The EF provides functionality to provision and access enablers and potentially other assets. It has a graphical interface for configuration, deployment and management of enablers and also a standardized REST interface to access and query enabler's functionalities.

This repository contains the EF installer, which installs and runs all EF subcomponents:


  • Docker
  • Docker Compose


Clone this repository and submodules with:

git clone --recurse-submodules https://engagementhub.caixamagica.pt/virtual-factory-operating-system/io-toolkit/enablers-framework/enablers-framework-stack.git

The dependent sub modules have the routes specified in order to have the Enablers Framework installed through the vf-OS Platform component. It is assumed that the platform already has the required docker networks in order to allow the Enablers Framework to install the enablers.


cd enablers-framework
docker-compose -p="ef" up

Network architecture

EF Docker networks architecture

The diagram above shows the Docker networks architecture used by the EF. It's main goal is to allow communication between EF subcomponents while isolating them from enablers' subcomponents.

The Docker Compose file on this repository creates two Docker networks:

  • efi: a network where the containers for all 3 EF subcomponents are inserted;
  • efn: a network that encapsulates the request-handler container and later will host the main container for each enabler, i.e., the entry point container, responsible for the enabler's communications.

Later on, as part each new enabler's deployment, the enablers-register will:

  1. Create an internal network, enablerN internal, encapsulating the containers for all the enabler's subcomponents.
  2. Add the enabler's main container into the efn network.