Developers Engagement Hub, or just Engagement Hub, is a Gitlab based tool developed in the context of vf-OS for project versioning and management.

Gitlab vs Engagement Hub

Although Engagement Hub contains all Gitlab features, it has some extra tools aimed specially for projects in which multiple teams from different companies can be involved. Engagement Hub allows also for a project to be presented as product, and not just a list of folders and files with a README.

Multiple boards

Engagement Hub allows issues to be organized into different boards with membership and privacy management. Only members of a project or group can be members to the respective project or group boards. What was done, was creating an extra layer of privacy to boards (with effect on issues), with the following privacy levels:

  • Public - Anyone can potentially view and edit/create board information.
  • Protected - Anyone can potentially view, but only members can potentially edit/create board information
  • Private - Only members can potentially view and edit/create board information. Also, only members can even know it exists

Users are still subject to their roles and to the privacy level of the project or group which the board belongs.

Wikis for groups

Contrary to Gitlab, Engagement Hub contains a Wiki management systems both for Groups and Projects. This is very useful in projects like vf-OS that contain different components (each one an individual Project) that will need to share common documentation.

Custom home page for Groups and Projects

Instead of a list of projects and subgroups (Groups), or a list of folders and files (Projects), a customizable Home Page is presented. This page can be edited by editing the Wiki named Home in the Wiki submenu.

Other features

Some optional features from Gitlab are also implemented like Gitlab Pages, and a Mattermost Chat that can be accessed in:

Any question?

Don't worry. You will find hints, and links for documentation pages in a lot of places here (for exemple, when editing a Wiki). Also, feel free to check the documents and videos inside the Wiki submenu.