The Times-Series Data Storage is a REST API which allows users to manage times-series data assets (databases, measurements, tag keys, tag values, field keys, series, retention policies, continuous queries, points...). A typical use case of this kind of databases is real time sensor data storage.

The technical manual describing in detail the API can be found here

InfluxDB was selected as the basis DBMS

The result of the search for an existing REST API tool that covered all the defined requirements was that there is just one candidate tools: The HTTP API of [InfluxDB] (

The main characteristics of this API are:

  • Fast & light
  • Very simple

Using the API the users are able to:

  • Databases: Create, catalog, get, delete
  • Measurements: Create, catalog, query
  • Tag keys: Catalog
  • Tag values: Catalog
  • Field keys: Catalog
  • Series: Catalog
  • Retention policies: Create, delete, catalog
  • Continuous queries: Create, delete, catalog
  • Points: Delete
  • Data: Create

The tested version was 1.7.